Omniflex Cathodic Protection


Omniflex has released it's New Remote Monitoring/Control System for continuous monitoring & Control of Cathodic Protection systems.

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L&J Release NEW evo Radar Gauge


The evo 2600 Radar Gauge is the latest product in L&J Engineering's new evolution series of radar level gauges which are leading the industry with innovative new features and benefits not found in other products. The evo 2600 uses L&J's latest and most technologically advanced radar technology to deliver 3mm Accuracy in a wide variety of applications at a competitive cost. The evo 2600 uses FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) technology operating in the 26GHz frequency band to ensure that it delivers both accuracy and reliability in a wide variety of level gauging applications. This technology is designed, tested and manufactured in the USA, ensuring a high quality and reliable product.

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L&J Release New evo Stilling Well


The evo 2600SW Stilling Well Adapter has made replacing existing float and tape gauges with radar level gauging technology simple and convenient for the end user. By utilizing the existing nozzle for the float and tape gauge, the evo 2600 can easily fit into the 1.5" (minimum) coupling so that there’s no need to add additional nozzles to the storage tank. The evo 2600SW comes in approximately 6' sections that easily couple together with a threaded coupling piece. These sections are then lowered down into the tank section by section until the evo 2600SW is finally coupled to your evo 2600 radar gauge.

Installation for the evo 2600SW further proves how L&J engineering continues to evolve to meet changing demands. The evo 2600SW can be installed while the tank is in-service so there is no need to take your tanks out of service to mount the radar gauge.

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L&J Engineering releases the MCG 3630 Touch Panel Tank Monitor


L&J Engineering is pleased to announce the MCG 3630 Touch Panel Tank Monitor.
The MCG 3630 boasts a number of significant improvements over its predecessor, the MCG 3600, including a more user-friendly interface. The touch screen LCD panel includes a built-in CPU and an array of I/O ports. Additionally, the MCG 3630 can interface with multiple tanks to display level, temperature, BS&W and density via L&J Tankway, Modbus, GPE and even wireless protocols.

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GM International Introduces the NEW D5000 Barriers


G.M. International's NEW DIN RAIL mount Intrinsic Safety Galvanic Isolators provide the most simple and cost effective means of implementing Intrinsic Safety into your Hazardous Area applications.

General Features
More than 25 modules suitable for SIL 3 applications according to IEC 61508, IEC 61511.
Independent power supply circuit for each channel.
Double units are equivalent to two single units because of the absence of common circuitry.
Single channel versions available if required, to provide single loop integrity on Emergency Shut Down and Fire & Gas applications.
Configuration components are easily accessed by removing cover.
DIP switch configurability for easy field setup.
LED indication for power, signal status and line fault conditions.
Modules accept DC power supply over a wide range for 24 Vdc (20-30 Vdc) applications.
Wide operating temp.
range: -40 to +60/+70 °C.
Installation in Zone 2 / Division 2.
Certified for Offshore and Marine applications.

To see the full Product Range of the New D5000 series & GM range following the link:

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Fantinelli Srl Appoints TCA Sole Distributor


Fantinelli Srl has appointed Transient Controls Australia as their Sole Australian & New Zealand Distributors for their range of Quality Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges & Diaphram Seals etc.

TCA will be holding Large Stocks in the Perth Head Office.

Transient Controls Australia is proud to represent the Fantinelli product range in Australia & New Zealand.

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TCA Appointed Sole Distributor for L&J Engineering


Transient Controls Australia is pleased to announce that we have been appointed the Sole Australian & New Zealand Distributors for L&J Engineering range of specialised products in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Water/Wastewater & Terminal Automation Industries. We look forward to working with L&J Engineering as they are a world class Manufacturer & Supplier of Quality Instrumentation.

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GM International srl offers continuity in the service of Elcon Instruments 1000 series.


GM International srl offers continuity in the service of Elcon Instruments 1000 series (no longer available from the manufacturer) with ATEX, FM, FM-C approved adapter modules.


* Fully interchangeable with all ELCON 1000 Series Modules.
* Possibility to change ELCON Modules without changing wiring connection.
* Use the same ELCON P/N for order processing.

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Omniflex Releases New State-of-the ART Alarm Monitor


The New TELETERM Silent Sentry is a state-of-the-art Alarm Monitor capable of monitoring a wide range of input types and sending SMS Alarm messages upon detection of an alarm condition. For more information please contact our Sales Staff.

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Transient Controls Australia Sole West Australian Distributor for Omniflex


Omniflex and Transient Controls Australia are pleased to announce that Transient Controls Australia is now the SOLE WEST AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTORS for the Omniflex range of Products.

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GM International obtains IECEx Certification


G.M. International is pleased to announce that the Company has now obtained IECEx Certification of Conformity for all its D1000 Series modules.

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